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Coldwell Banker dans Second Life

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Certains disent que Second Life est mort! Coldwell Banker, l’une des plus importantes firmes immobilières de la planète, vient de décider de vendre des terrains et des bungalows virtuels dans Second Life. À quand Remax et Sutton dans Second life? Avec notre avant-gardisme Second Life légendaire, disons trois ans?

Coldwell, which employs over 120,000 real-world sales agents in the United States and operates in a total of 45 countries, isn’t in Second Life to make money, says Charlie Young, the company’s senior vice president for marketing. “In the end this is about buying and selling homes in the real world,” he says. “We’re trying to figure out how to reach what we call the ‘new consumer’.” Executives insist that any profits will be reinvested in Second Life real estate.

“We didn’t want to make a play in Second Life just as a pure advertiser,” Young explains. Like a few other savvy companies (One example is iVillage, which conducts tours of fun spots of Second Life), Coldwell Banker tried to figure out how to participate in the Second Life community, and “provide real value,” in Young’s words.

“A small number of land barons mostly control real estate in Second Life,” he says, “and we thought we could bring real estate to the masses.”

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