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Le guide du référencement pour blogueurs

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Voici un excellent et très complet billet de SEOBOOK, The Blogger's Guide to SEO [2]. C’est le meilleur guide du référencement pour blogueur que j’ai vu jusqu’à présent. Au niveau philosophique, deux éléments de ce billet militent en faveur de ce que d’aucuns appellent le bisbille marketing [3]. Il s’agit des paragraphes expliquant qu’il ne faut pas craindre la controverse et qu’il faut montrer ses biais… À méditer\

Many people let fears control their actions, but most successful people are guided by intuition and instinct more than fear.
  Nobody likes a bully. Some bloggers are worried about getting sued or offending somebody. When I got sued my name, exposure, and profits grew overnight. That is not to say you should be reckless, but illegitimate lawsuits garner media exposure and organic trust.
  Creative destruction is part of business. In a few years people will pay to give away information that I sell today. Business people are worried about defending their copyright, but as the web gets more competitive we are fortunate to even garner enough attention to get copied.
Show Your Bias
Having a consistent original bias and voice makes it easy for others who share your biases and worldview to trust you and spread your message. Most (perhaps all?) popular political blogs are heavily biased.