Introduction aux pouvoirs du Web 2.0

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Trevor Cook et Lee Hopkins viennent de mettre à jour leur document gratuit, Social Media, or, “How I learned to stop worrying and love communication” an introduction to the power of Web 2.0. edition 2.0 (PDF). Pour les néophytes qui s’intéressent de plus en plus aux avantages du Web 2.0. Voici donc la table des matières :

Introduction 1 Web2.0 and collaboration 4 Why blog? 8 Web feeds (RSS and other geeky stuff) 10 Some corporate blog examples 14 Podcasting for business 16 Twitter and Jaiku 20 Facebook 24 Second Life and 3D virtual worlds 30 Wikis 39 Blog writing tips 43 Where to go to get started 48 Want more help? 51

L’une des citations intéressante

“The internet is a powerful tool. But most attention seems to focus on its use as a means of vertical communications: from one to many. But as important as this is — and it’s very important indeed — it’s probably dwarfed by the much more numerous horizontal communications that the internet, and related technologies like cell phones, text message and the like permit. They allow a kind of horizontal knowledge that is often less obvious, but in many ways at least as powerful, as the vertical kind. Horizontal knowledge is communication among individuals, who may or may not know each other, but who are loosely coordinated by their involvement with something, or someone, of mutual interest. And it’s extremely powerful, because it makes people much smarter.” Prof. Glenn Reynolds

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  1. startupcoach

    Belle trouvaille pour les néophytes comme moi….Information overload alert!!!!!
    Mais bon…faut continuer d apprendre.