Une blogueuse reçoit des menaces de mort

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Via cette chère Debbie Weil, j’apprends que l’une des tops blogueuse mondiale, Passionate, la 63e sur la liste des 100 blogues mondiaux de Technorati, reçois des menaces de mort d’un commentateur anonyme.

But when it was my turn, somebody crossed a line. They posted a photo of a noose next to my head, and one of their members (posting as “Joey”) commented “the only thing Kathy has to offer me is that noose in her neck size.”
My first reaction–and probably yours–is to think, “Of course he doesn’t actually mean it.” But the “funny” thing about crossing the line from criticism to suggestion of death is that your mind starts to wander:
* The guy who wrote this is anonymous (to me… I’m sure the people behind the site know exactly who made that comment and who posted the photo). I have no way of knowing just how disturbed he might be.
* Normally sane adults don’t cross that line, especially when they know they’re breaking federal law.
* The (apparently) same person made several sexual comments about me as well… for example, analyzing my “Canyon of Pain” graphic and turning it into a metaphor for what I want sexually (you can imagine).
Noose. Sex. Hatred. Misogyny. Willing to commit a federal crime. Anonymity.

Ça me rappelle la seule fois où j’ai été vraiment chahuté par un connard anonyme et remet en perspective les différences entre pseudonymat et anonymat dans le contexte des commentaires de blogues et la possible responsabilité légale de ceux-ci.

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