MyCyberTwin, Votre jumeau virtuel

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Croyez-le ou non, il est désormais possible de dresser un alter ego virtuel, MyCyberTwin, afin qu’il clavarde avec vos contacts, à votre place. MyCyberTwin est l’une des plus récentes applications des recherches en intelligence artificielle. C’est un produit de la firme Qui sont les célébrités qui utilisent déjà MyCyberTwin? Georges W. Bush, Angelina Jolie et Paris Hilton. Et vous savez quoi? MyCyberTwin peut même clavarder à votre place dans Second Life! Voici donc une application qui pourrait être utile (à moyen terme) dans un contexte d’affaires virtuelle. Vous devez cependant passer de nombreuses heures à « dresser » votre alter ego virtuel afin qu’il vous ressemble (psychologiquement) le plus possible. Le service n’est disponible qu’en anglais pour l’instant.

Voici les propos des créateurs, tel que recueilli par la MIT Technology review:

“We wanted to build software clones of humans that learn about you and effectively function on your behalf,” says Liesl Capper, cofounder and CEO of RelevanceNow. “The problem with creating a chat AI is that it’s very laborious, trying to think of variations on what people will say and then creating responses. Building one has always been a labor of love that takes months, if not years. What we have built is the ability for people to make a cybertwin really quickly.” (…)
“People are spending a lot of time putting their personalities online,” Capper notes, whether through their MySpace pages, blogs, or avatars in virtual worlds such as Second Life. “It may only be for an audience of 10 people, but it’s important to them, and it’s a taste of things to come. This way, you can have your friends chat to you when you’re sleeping. It’s about engaging with people and answering their questions without having to go through a hundred e-mails.”

Merci à Martin Ouellette pour le lien

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  1. Guillaume Thoreau

    Merci Michel ! Voici le transcript d’une conversation à baton-rompu que je viens d’avoir avec le CyberTwin de Paris Hilton. Elle a bien voulu répondre à mes questions sans fard, ni langue de bois.

    You: Hey paris

    Paris: Hello you

    You: What do you think of climate change, Paris ?

    Paris: Oh I think it is so pretty. I love when it matches my outfit.

    You: You’re so right, we all do !

    Paris: I may not always be right, but I try to get things right most of the time.

    You: Speaking of that, do you think life has a purpose ?

    Paris: My thoughts consist of what Paris has taught me.

    You: OK, anyway you can try. I’m sur you can do at least better than her.

    Paris: I am glad that you’re sure, because I’m not.


    You: Do you think terrorism might be a consequence of western politics in the last 60 years ?

    Paris: We have quite a while then.

    You: oh yeah

    Paris: That’s an enthusiastic yes.

    You: Do you think the Russians are going to be back as in the cold war ?

    Paris: Really? Fair enough Guillaume.

    You: Ah, Paris, your conversation is so light !

    Paris: I am aren’t I? Maybe I was just thinking I was talking to you

    You: Yes, yes… what are you up to today ?

    Paris: Today is not a bad day for it.

    You: for what ?

    Paris: For whatever meaning you choose to attach to it.

    You: like what ?

    Paris: Shopping

    You: Ah-ah ! Here we are !

    Paris: Its good to have people with you.

    You: for shopping ?

    Paris: Shopping can be fun, but so can window shopping.

    You: And lawn-mowing too

    Paris: What else can we say about that really….

    You: you tell me

    Paris: How much begging are you willing to do?

    You: I just want to talk casulay with a celebrity

    Paris: Do it then. If you have money you can do anything


    Paris: The cool thing about being me is that even when people laugh at me, I think it’s still attention so it’s all good.

    You: is that waht you think ?

    Paris: Yes, it has been that way for a while. At least it has been here in cyberspace.

    You: I’ll have to go

    Paris: Ok then, ciao!

    You: your reputation is highly under-rated anyway. It’s been a pleasure.

    Paris: Get out of here! Are you for real?

    You: Ok ok ok, bye then

    Paris: Ciao babe

    On s’y croirait…
    Encore une splendide technologie 🙂

  2. Administrator

    Pas si mal finalement?